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Central AC Installation in Lower Bucks County, PA

The hot and humid summer weather in the greater Philadelphia area can get brutal. If your existing air conditioner cannot keep up or you’re still living with inefficient window units, it is time to consider new central AC installation for your home or office. The experienced HVAC contractors of CHF Mechanical possess the knowledge and experience to help with AC installation, replacement, repair and central A/C maintenance service for residential and commercial clients. We serve clients in the Greater Philadelphia area, as well as Lower Bucks County, Delaware County and parts of Southern, NJ. Call 215-467-1377 to schedule a central AC installation evaluation today; financing available!

Energy Efficient Central A/C Installation

Many people are hesitant to install new central A/C in their home or office building, because they believe the cost of their utilities will skyrocket. However, the reality is, running an outdated AC system increases your electrical output and raises your energy bill month after month. At CHF Mechanical we pride ourselves on using the most energy efficient brands & models on the market that could actually save you money compared to your old, outdated air conditioning system. Replacing your existing A/C unit with a high efficiency model will keep you comfortable all summer long without breaking your bank.

Professional HVAC System Repair Services

If your existing air conditioning system is not running as efficiently as it should, it may not need a total replacement yet. Our professional HVAC contractors will come to your home or office for a full HVAC system inspection to pinpoint the problem and come out with a solution for repair. Often times, it is not the actual A/C system that is broken, but a problem in the ductwork. Poorly installed or improperly sealed ductwork fails to move the cool air where you need it in an efficient manner. Therefore, before we go down the route of new central AC installation or repair, we’ll be sure to perform a thorough ductwork inspection. It could be as simple as an air duct cleaning service to get your A/C unit back to full efficiency.

With over 25 years of industry experience, CHF Mechanical’s team of HVAC contractors can help with all of your residential and commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning service needs. From full duct work installation to HVAC duct repair, heat pump repairs, water heater services, A/C units, commercial refrigeration and so much more, call 215-467-1377 for all HVAC maintenance or HVAC repairs. Backed by an excellent reputation, an A+ BBB rating and countless 5 star Google reviews, trust CHF Mechanical for all of your HVAC services, repairs and installation needs.

CHF Mechanical Central AC Installation Services Philadelphia PA

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