CHF Mechanical Heat Pump Installation Philadelphia

Heat Pumps

CHF Mechanical services, repairs and installs heat pump systems, which are commonly found in most of our service areas, especially in Philadelphia high rises and condominiums. A heat pump is a device that transfers heat energy from a source of heat to what is normally called a heat sink. Some familiar examples of heat pumps include air conditioners and freezers, but the general term applies to many HVAC devices used for space heating or space cooling. Heat pumps use the outside air to both heat a home in winter and cool it in the summer. In the summer months, heat pumps look and function as an air conditioner, but during the fall and winter they reverse operation to provide warmth for your home or building. Whether it is heating, cooling or dehumidifying, heat pumps do it all! CHF Mechanical serves the Greater Philadelphia area, Lower Bucks and Delaware County, as well as as well as South Jersey.

Residential Heat Pump Installation Lower Bucks County PA

Heat pumps are a great low-cost alternative to propane or straight electricity for heating or cooling your home. The residential heat pump installation process typically consists of two parts: the indoor unit called an air handler and the outdoor unit which is similar to a central air conditioner, but referred to as a heat pump. CHF Mechanical has experience installing all top brands of heat pumps including Bryant, Carrier, York, Goodman and more. While heat pumps are extremely popular in the Southern states, because of their moderate climate, newer technology allows heat pumps to be installed in states with colder weather. If you’re ready to make the switch or you already have a heat pump installed, call CHF Mechanical for installation, services or repairs on heat pump units.

Commercial Heat Pump Installation

Commercial properties, including high rises and condominiums, benefit greatly from heat pumps, because of the ability to provide zoning for different spaces being used for different purposes. For example, in an office complex you may want your employee workspace to be slightly warmer than the conference room. Ductless systems in a commercial space allow occupants in each suite to control their own temperate without affecting any of the other suites. Heat pumps are a great fit for businesses and large buildings that require different rooms to have different temperatures. CHF Mechanical can install, service or maintain commercial property heat pumps in Lower Bucks County, PA & the surrounding areas. Call for questions or to schedule a heat pump service today!

CHF Mechanical Heat Pump Services Philadelphia PA

CHF Mechanical Heat Pump Services Philadelphia PA
CHF Mechanical Residential Heat Pump Services Philadelphia
CHF Mechanical Commercial Heat Pump Services Philadelphia PA
CHF Mechanical Philadelphia PA Heat Pump Services