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$95 Each System

Value: $135

****PRICE EXPIRES JUNE 30TH 2017****

This Offer Includes:

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  • Air Conditioning/Heat Pump Inspection
  • Replace Air Filter
  • Oil Motor(s)
  • Check Refrigerant Levels
  • Check and Dry Brush the Coils
  • Clear the Condensate Drain
  • Check Operations for Efficiency

Restrictions Apply:

  • Refrigerant Not Included
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Dryer Vent Cleaning

New Gas Furnace


Value: $120.00


Value: $3,000.00

This Offer Includes

Here's the Deal

  • $75 professional cleaning of one dryer vent with up to 15 foot exhaust trunk
  • Dryer vent safety inspection to reduce potential fire hazards

The Real Deal

Regular dryer vent cleanings can lower energy bills, extend the life of your dryer, and dry clothing faster. Get your vent cleaned and inspected for potential problems for less with this great offer!

  • $1,899 for a new TG8S Coleman series furnace installed
  • 80% efficiency
  • Valid for capacity sizes ranging from 40,000 to 135,000 BTU
  • Includes parts and labor
  • Pre-installation heat-load calculation to determine correct size of furnace; deal value can be credited toward purchase of upgraded unit
  • Cleaning out supply and return plenum
  • Resealing all duct work near furnace

Pro4000 Thermostat


By using a programmable thermostat you can benefit from energy savings just by having your system turn on and off automatically when you are not home.


One of the key features of the PRO4000 Thermostat is the programming feature. Programming the temperature in your home to fit your needs is not only energy efficient but it saves you money! Going on a trip over the weekend? Program your thermostat to turn on the day before you get back and walk into your comfortable energy efficient home! If used as directed this programmable thermostat can save you up to 33% on annual heating and cooling costs.


  • Digital Backlit Display - easy to read in any lighting condition
  • Basic Operation - easy to use interface
  • Precise Comfort Control - high level of accuracy (+/- 1 degree F)
  • Built-In Instructions
  • Weekday/Weekend Programming - 5-2 programming to fit your lifestyle
  • Energy Star Compliant


The Honeywell Pro4000 programmable thermostat is the most common replacement thermostat we install because of it's competitive price and it's easy to use list of features. We will install this thermostat for $180. Although there are many other models to choose from this is the most common. We can install any model that is compatible with your system and will address your needs as a homeowner.


We will come to your residence to give you a free estimate for the cost to clean the ducts in your home. The cost for duct cleaning varies.